Kicking Off the Next 25 Years of WRAP!

The WRAP community just finished celebrating 25 years of wellness, and WRAP is stronger than ever!

In the last year, the WRAP team has expanded the availability of WRAP seminars to ensure people around the world can access WRAP. We’ve also developed new tools to support Certified WRAP Facilitators in this life-changing work.

What’s Staying the Same?

WRAP is the same powerful evidence-based practice it’s always been, full of wellness opportunities for everyone in our global community. That will never change!

WRAP is also managed by the same dedicated team that has been in place since Mary Ellen Copeland transitioned ownership of WRAP to Advocates for Human Potential, Inc., in 2016. Leading that team is WRAP Director Lynn Miller.

Lynn’s long history with WRAP spans many human service systems. She has led WRAP initiatives in the behavioral health community, intellectual and developmental disability community, military, and national guard; in employee wellness programs and at the Pennsylvania Department of Corrections; and much more. She is a Certified Peer Specialist who credits WRAP with her journey into recovery and beyond. She’s also been mentored extensively by Mary Ellen and consults with her regularly.

Lynn notes, “I am very humbled to lead the future of WRAP. WRAP has been a lifesaving tool for me, and I am honored to work with the WRAP community to take WRAP into the future.”

What’s New? Expanded Options for Training and Growth

Our commitment to training and growth includes developing new training avenues for Certified WRAP Facilitators and Certified WRAP Advanced Level Facilitators (ALFs) around the world, including online options. Accessibility to seminars has long been an issue for those who live outside the United States or who cannot travel, so we are working to change that. Stay tuned for more information!

We also are designating WRAP Centers of Distinction (CoDs). CoDs will serve as models of excellence that hold total fidelity to the evidence-based practice of WRAP and demonstrate the values and ethics of WRAP at every level of the agency. Agencies/organizations will be able to apply to be a CoD through an application process. Contact us for more information at The first Center of Distinction is Step by Step in Pennsylvania, and more will soon be announced.

As always, WRAP Facilitators can continue offering seminars—and WRAP ALFs can continue training Facilitators—until their certification expires. At that point:

WRAP Facilitators will need to complete a Facilitator Refresher through a WRAP ALF who is current in their certification or through a licensed organization. We also will be offering refreshers that focus on expanding knowledge and skills, working with specific populations, and more.

WRAP ALFs must complete recertification through a WRAP-licensed organization. The WRAP team will continue to carefully vet, approve, and license organizations to offer WRAP ALF credentialing to ensure fidelity to the evidence-based practice of WRAP. Licensed organizations will be listed on the WRAP website. For now, please contact us at if you’re in need of WRAP ALF recertification.

A Special Video

In closing, we want to share with all of you a short film about the origins of WRAP, featuring Mary Ellen Copeland. We hope you’ll watch and share it with others who are part of the WRAP community—or who just need some hope in their lives.

Mary Ellen continues to support all the WRAP team is doing and is as excited as we are about WRAP’s next 25 years. Thank you for being part of WRAP!

Reach Out to WRAP

Please reach to us at if you have any questions.