by Deb Colvin

My name is Deborah Colvin and I have suffered from depression, alcoholism, cocaine addiction, homelessness, and domestic violence. I never ever thought I could ever overcome these barriers in my life. Then one day a friend encouraged me to buy a book, that I could not afford. By chance I found an old copy in a used book store for $2.00. That book was ” The Depression Workbook” , by Mary Ellen Copeland. I spent one hour a day on the book and it’s suggestions. I highlighted and book marked for easy reference.

I started to realize that I could change my life by changing my negative thinking. That different things in the environment could trigger my behavior and moods. Taking care of myself became my job. I took stock and became more aware of myself. I started to chart my eating habits, my schedule, and took a close look at the stresses in my life. Slowly I started to become stronger and more assertive of my needs. I finally conquered my fears and moved to the Kent area.

I felt I could try to go back to work. Life started to have some real possibilities. I applied for DVR services through Sound Mental Health. It was at this point I met David Perry and Beth Calvo. I had no idea what I wanted to do with my life. I just knew I wanted to help people but how? I started to do some writings in an effort to discover what I had to offer others.

Beth Calvo sponsored a WRAP workshop and I was invited to attend. I was pleasantly surprised to hear Mary Ellen Copeland was the Author of the WRAP. I was so excited I went home and wrote up my thoughts. I shared my thoughts with my Voc group. I was offered a Volunteer internship with Sound Mental Health as a Job Coach.

My WRAP is important to me it is my reminder. My reminder that I am a viable and unique individual and that there is nothing wrong with being ME. It also reminds me that I am human and that I don’t have to be perfect.