Looking for a thoughtful holiday gift? Or perhaps something for yourself to usher in the new year?


In celebration of WRAP’s® 25th anniversary, we are debuting two colorful decks of cards that can be used on your own, in a group, or as part of a WRAP seminar.

The cards are perfect for people in your life who are interested in wellness, WRAP, or personal growth. They also make a great gift for both new and seasoned Certified WRAP Facilitators, as well as for people just getting started with WRAP.

The Conversation Cards have 25 unique statements in two decks of 25 cards, totaling 50 cards. Each pack of 25 is wrapped separately and both are included in a resealable package. Each card has “Hello, I’m” at the top and have a statement underneath describing an emotion or feeling. You can combine the two packs so people in a group have more choices, save one pack for future use, or give one away as a gift. The cards can be used in WRAP seminars as a conversation starter, part of an icebreaker, or a way for participants to let others know how they are feeling that day. They can also be used in peer support groups, classrooms, or with a group of peers working on WRAP or wellness in general.

The WRAP® Care Cards contain 50 beautifully illustrated motivational quotes, affirmations, and suggestions for wellness activities. The statements are based on the WRAP key concepts of hope, personal responsibility, education, self-advocacy, and support.

Pick one out when you want a new idea to think about, an affirmation to help ground you or lift your mood, or a reminder that you are worthy of wellness and recovery. This beautiful card set makes a wonderful holiday gift for fellow WRAPers and for those who have not yet been introduced to WRAP and its key concepts.

The decks are available individually, or as a bundled set for a discounted price.

Happy holidays to everyone in the WRAP community!