WRAP for Addictions is for people who want to use WRAP to deal with addictions such as food, tobacco, alcohol and drugs. This special edition of the original WRAP book presents a system developed and used successfully by people with a variety of mental health challenges, including addictions. It has helped them to develop and use their own personal plan to monitor how they feel, to maintain their wellness, to prevent a reoccurrence of mental health difficulties and to help them feel better, recover, stay well and improve the quality of their lives.

Learning self-help skills for addressing mental health difficulties, as well as other physical and emotional issues, is a simple process…but it’s a much greater challenge using these skills during the most difficult times – when they can help the most – and incorporating them into daily life.

This book will help you:

  • Discover the resources you already have that you can use as needed for maintaining wellness and preventing relapse
  • Develop your own list of activities for your everyday wellbeing.
  • Track triggering events and early warning signs
  • Prepare your personal responses when you are not feeling well or are having a hard time
  • Create a plan for your supporters to follow to care for you if necessary
  •  Recover from difficult times and get back to being the way you want to be and doing the things you want to do

When using WRAP, self-management of addictions, as well as other physical and emotional difficulties, becomes possible and practical.