Many of us are feeling rather restless and isolated right now. This is truly a time of unusual stress and social isolation. At these times, it is easy to start feeling down, stop reaching out to others, and feel less hope that life can get better.

Because of these common feelings, Advocates for Human Potential, Inc.’s Human Potential Press, in partnership with the Copeland Center for Wellness and Recovery, has developed a new guide about connections that fits alongside our other WRAP products. It’s called the Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19: Being Connected, Staying Connected, and Choosing Connection.  (Oen español.) This guide is free for digital download because we want all of you to have a copy.

This new resource is designed to help you maintain emotional wellness and whole health. It guides you in self-exploration about being connected, staying connected, getting reconnected, and choosing connection—even during difficult times and feelings. It will also help you discover ways to take action and create positive changes for yourself.

The brochure features six sections, including “What Is Connection?,” “Connection Tools,” and “Creating Structure.” It also

  • provides ideas for first steps toward connection/reconnection,
  • shares encouragement and personal examples for inspiration, and
  • offers space to write notes.

Anyone making WRAP part of their wellness will enjoy the security and confidence of having the Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19. It is also a great tool for sharing WRAP in an accessible way with others, including children and teens, friends and family, and individuals who may not have access to other WRAP materials.

What does connection mean to you? Those who contributed to the guide shared some of their thoughts:

“When I am connected, it is about being and feeling present with myself, my environment, and the meaningful relationship I have with others in my life.”

“For me, connection is about sharing. Sometimes it’s shared experiences like doing things together. I like having coffee with others, going for walks, reading the same books, watching the same TV shows, or loving cats. To me, sharing can sometimes feel risky and make my heart beat quickly. Overall, I know it is important to my physical and mental health.”


We hope you will take advantage of this offer and that you find ways to strengthen your feelings of connection and hope. Download your free copy today and feel free to share this with others!