WRAP has always been a great tool for me. I was first introduced to it in 2009 at a day treatment program. That is where I first began to understand about myself and my process of recovery. I found out the tools that kept me well such as deep breathing, walking, and listening to music. It was a great tool for me in times of trial. Instead of acting on old behaviors I found new ways to get through.

I found that writing it with a group was very beneficial. We were able to help each other with new thoughts and ideas. Things I was facing and was unsure of how to get through I found others who had experience and were able to help me find new tools. I also found the priorities in my life and was able to form a plan that in case I was ever hospitalized I knew I could trust others to handle them.

That was all my first experience with WRAP. Since then I have grown and faced many things. I Unfortunately lost that WRAP since then.

My second exposure with WRAP was a year ago in a Wellness Recovery Class in college (I was a junior). It was an elective for my Psych Rehab class. I didn’t have the workbook I had back in 2009 to rewrite another one completely but I was able to use the wellness toolbox the professor gave out and rebuild another one. The students never heard of WRAP and I was able to use my personal experience to tell them how helpful it is for people with mental illness so they would be encouraged to use it with people they work with in the future.

This has always been a exercise and skill I could rely on. I was excited to have the chance to write about it and let others know how helpful it truly is.