Limited-time Offer!

We’re ringing in 2023 with a discount bundle of WRAP 25th anniversary products.

In the bundle has three WRAP products:

Tote Bag

This very sturdy, roomy tote bag has the colorful WRAP 25th anniversary logo, red handles, and a red base. This large tote is ideal

  • For carrying portable wellness tools.
  • For facilitators transporting materials for trainings.
  • As a gift for any WRAPer.
  • As a staff recognition present.
  • For holding groceries, books, snacks, etc.

WRAP Care Cards

This deck includes 50 beautiful WRAP Care Cards to help with self-affirmation, motivation, and self-calming.

WRAP Conversation Cards

This deck includes two individually wrapped sets of 25 WRAP Conversation Cards featuring unique statements that can be used in all types of settings to start a dialogue about feelings.

This bundle makes a thoughtful wellness gift for anyone, including yourself. Happy New Year!


Order now before the sale ends!  The special rate of $32.99 for all three products is only available through midnight on January 31, U.S. Eastern Time.

The pricing does not apply to previous purchases.