Wellness Tools
Dietary plan, my nurse, exercise, healthy desserts, the pharmacy, education, support group, specific family members, naps, mindful eating at regular times, insulin,Nikolas (cat), continuing education, seamless padded socks, envisioning myself well, daily food log, flossing, glucose tablets, prepare snacks in advance, mixing 75% water with 25% juice, sunglasses, vitamins
Me Well / At My Best
Stable blood sugars, maintain healthy weight, energetic, fasting blood sugar 110 or below, weight of 200 pounds, regularly exercising, having medications, having healthy food choices available, A1C less than 5.5
Daily Maintenance
Monitor blood sugar, take insulin as prescribed, eat well, exercise, daily food logs, exercise, breakfast within 30 minutes of waking, nothing to eat after 6:00 pm, planning meals, drinking water, brush/floss after every meal
TriggersAction Plan (AP)
Social functions where food is servedLetting myself get too hungryEat before you go; monitor portion size; take sugar tablets with me.Eating 4 small meals a day
StressExercise, Sudoku
Vending machine at work or schoolAsk for healthier choices to be put in vending machines; ask supportive colleague for help when tempted
Early Warning SignsAction Plan (AP)
Blood sugar too high or too lowCall nurse or doctor; if too low eat what I know I need
Lack of energyExercise (walk); check sugars; eat a healthy snack
Food cravingEat a bowl of bran flakes
When Things are Getting       WorseAction Plan (AP)
Skipped mealsStop checking blood sugarTake sugar; resume regular eating scheduleTalk to nurse Heather, LPN
Staying in bed longer than I needQuit weighing selfCall a friend; positive self-talkWeigh in accountable to Health, LPN
Mini Crisis Plan
What I’m like when I’m well
Stable blood sugar, energetic, active, healthy weight range, losing weight, have energy, fasting blood sugar less than 110
Signs that my supporters need to take over responsibilities for my care or on my behalf
Went to emergency room, admitted to hospital, blood sugar is out of control, I’m broke, no money for food, if I haven’t taken blood sugar for three days, request help from RN to monitor sugars.  Three days without exercise – enlist neighbors.
Supporter’s tasks
Keep my apartment safe; take care of pets and plants, take me to grocery store/food pantry, loan me money.
Mini Post Crisis Plan
How I will know when I am out of the crisis
I’m discharged, I’m back on budget, have adequate food in house, blood sugars return to less than 110, back on weight loss, look forward to exercise vs. dreading it
What I would like my supporters to do to help me
Be a listening ear, be a cheerleader, lend me money if I’m broke, hold accountable, encouragement, offer healthy choices
Things I need to do
Resume daily maintenance plan (monitor blood sugar, eat breakfast, etc.), get back to support group; exercise, have medications on hand, healthy choices in cupboard, developing a routine
Things that can wait
Laundry, kitchen rehabilitation, planning my sister’s birthday party, house work