It’s been a year since COVID-19 was declared a pandemic, and so much has changed in the world over the past 12 months. During this time, mental health issues have increased and have been discussed more than ever. Almost everyone is dealing with isolation in one way or another. Many children are home from school and have been since last spring. They’re not able to see or play with family and friends (other than via screen). A large number of adults are working from home and have not been socializing outside of family. And older adults have been the most isolated of all, unless they have received their vaccines. Also, many parents have become part-time “teachers,” in addition to everything else they do.

We’re all looking for the light at the end of the COVID tunnel. To help while you are still isolated, if you haven’t downloaded our free Wellness Guide to Overcoming Isolation During COVID-19: Being Connected, Staying Connected, and Choosing Connection, do it now! Our featured product this month is The Depression Workbook. You can also check out these titles: Recovering from Depression: A Workbook for Teens, The Worry Control Workbook, and The Loneliness Workbook.

Another way to build wellness during this hard time is to change your WRAP as often as you like or need. I like to review my WRAP when the seasons change and see what might need updating. Wellness tools and daily plans can change—especially at this time of year when I feel as though we’re coming out of both winter and COVID hibernation.

In fact, here in Massachusetts, today feels like spring—who cares that snow is in the forecast, today is lovely! Even if these gorgeous days are just peeking through and not ready to stay, I know spring is on its way, and it gives me hope. I love spring (allergies aside) and the promise of new beginnings that comes along with it. What are you most looking forward to with the advent of spring?

A Minute with Mary Ellen

If you’re on Facebook or Instagram, you’ve probably seen Mary Ellen Copeland’s short videos called “A Minute with Mary Ellen.” These are short messages from Mary Ellen that currently focus on wellness tools. Check them out if you haven’t watched yet. She covers a variety of topics: changing negative thoughts to positive, staying hydrated, getting outside light, using Zoom as support, doing something nice for others, and much more.