National Recovery Month

national recovery month 2021 logoPeople from all walks of life are exploring the many dimensions of how to be healthier in mind, body, and spirit. Many see WRAP as a tool that sets the foundation to begin the journey toward emotional wellness and healing, and they are realizing that by applying WRAP to everyday life, WRAP becomes a way of life. Through our joys, trials, and tribulations; physical and mental health experiences; and life events, we experience emotions and challenges where we have choices in how we practice wellness.

September is National Recovery Month, and during this month we honor and celebrate the millions of people across the globe who have struggled with mental health, trauma, and addiction difficulties and have won the battle. Every day, individuals in recovery are showing the world that recovery is infinitely probable. Every day, they are inspiring others to live a life rooted in wellness.

Using WRAP as a wellness tool allows us to embrace recovery, growth, and endless possibilities. We can choose what supports our wellness and explore new ideas and concepts to maintain our wellness and recovery while building the foundation for a lifetime of emotional wellness.

We are each the author of our own story, and through our wellness recovery and emotional growth, we are challenged to explore all dimensions of life and make self-directed choices that support our uniqueness, help us reach our hopes and dreams, improve our relationships, advance our goals, and guide our responses to the more difficult life challenges.

Recovery and wellness can be influenced by many factors, such as family, work, social interactions, and the events of the world around us. However, WRAP fosters choices, options, personal responsibility, and action planning to not only maintain wellness every day, but also become the healthiest version of ourselves.

National Suicide Prevention Month

suicide prevention lifeline english spanishSeptember is also National Suicide Prevention Month. We all have a stake in preventing suicide. Suicide can affect anyone and claims the lives of loved ones and community members every day. People struggling with thoughts of suicide are in pain and despair and feel there is no hope. By simply talking with someone and providing support, we can begin to prevent suicides, restore hope, and save lives.

When we invest ourselves in talking to someone who is struggling, we show that person they are not alone. We take away the shame and show there are other options and that suicide is not the answer. We show that we will walk the path out of darkness with that person.

If you or someone you know is struggling with thoughts of suicide, please call the national hotline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255)!