WRAP a Powerful Personal Guide for Life

Mary Ellen Copeland writes, “When you are young, it’s a great time to learn how to take care of yourself and how to help yourself feel better. WRAP can become a tool to be used throughout life to stay well, to recover if needed, and to meet life’s goals and dreams.”

A WRAP Workbook for Kids is an easy to read workbook style book that guides kids aged 7-14 through creating their own Wellness Recovery Action Plan (Wrap).  In A WRAP Workbook for Kids, three 10 year old, Esther, Hawk and Akincana, help guide young people through developing their own WRAP. The workbook is colorful and easy to use.

Smile-pink sweaterA WRAP Workbook for Kids is written using examples from three real kids, Hawk, Esther and Akincana. These kids guide the readers and help them create their own tools. It starts with Wellness Tools from each of the kids. So, for example Esther’s Wellness tools include: ride my bike, snuggle with stuffed animals, swing in the hammock, eat fruit and knit. Kids are encouraged to use the lists from the guides as a starting point for their list and to use items or create their own tools on their list. “It is up to you”.

The book is designed to be used by the kids themselves or with the assistance of adults.

As Akincana put it, “By doing WRAP I have learned to control my emotions.” Kids can use WRAP and help themselves to be healthier people.  WRAP is for kids to help them feel better. WRAP is a powerful Wellness Tool for kids that they can use throughout their life for a healthier lifestyle.

WRAP is being used with kids of all ages.  Like all Wellness Recovery Action Plans (WRAP), the plan must be developed by the person who is using it, regardless of their age. With the help of a supportive adult, a child can design their own WRAP using their own insights about themselves and what they need to get through day-to-day life and tough times.

WRAP is used to help tackle issues related to “whole” health and to learn how to take care of yourself. WRAP works for kids! WRAP can help kids:

  •  Feel hopeful and enjoy living
  • Improve the quality of their own lives and keep themselves healthy
  • Understand their own ability to take care of themselves and make their life the way they want it to be

 A Wrap Workbook for Kids guides kids and their adult helpers in creating and using WRAP for daily living. WRAP is a powerful personal guide that Kids use to help them take control of their lives. Using their personal action plans, kids use their own resources to help themselves feel better, get well, and stay well for life.

WRAP is creative, fun and life changing for everyone! WRAP is for life.
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