WRAP has changed my life from an endless circle of mental illness to some concrete stable days. I spent 12 years in counseling, and volunteering at a mental health drop-in center. My days were filled with medical and mental health appointments. I heard about WRAP and I was interested. The biggest tool was WRAP itself. I took the three day course and then wrote my own WRAP. I was excited to try something different, but was also worried that it would be another failed attempt. I learned that there is no wrong WRAP as long as you put your own feeling and energy into it. I wrote out my WRAP and work it through and I was amazed to find that I had more control over my life. I began to learn to be actively involved with my own mental health. I learned to take ownership over my own symptoms. It also made it easier to be able to talk to the doctor about my symptoms, my triggers and what I was doing and what I needed help with. I started to naturally advocate for myself. I then went on to take the 5 day course. I learned so much more in-depth about myself and how to run a support group and be sensitive to those attending the group. I was hoping to be able to come back and use what I had learned. I also adjusted my own WRAP plan. I went back and started working one-on-one with individuals in the hope that as soon as I could I would start a group. All the time I was working my own WRAP and becoming stronger every day. I was able to use my WRAP for my mental health and my chronic physical conditions, I began with one group. I enjoyed myself so much and seeing people begin to own their own mental health conditions was so exciting. Then I got an offer to work at a mental health Crisis unit. I took it and have been there for the last 8 years.