In a recent peer counseling session with a friend, we came up with the idea of Mini-WRAP’s for Special Times. I was sharing my frustration with trying to recover from a serious medical procedure along with the challenge of moving–both of these making rather difficult times for me.

My friend was providing lots of support to a family member and adjusting to a new work situation. And together, as so often happens with peer support, we came up with the idea of Mini-WRAPs for special or “distinctive” times.  Peer counseling is a great way to figure things out–“two minds are usually better than one”. I use it often when I come to a personal impasse and can’t figure out what to do next. And WRAP is a great way to figure out a process for achieving whatever you might be working on at the time.

I thought I might use a MY WRAP for this. In fact, I thought I should keep a stack of them on hand for these special times. My friend thought about doing hers on her phone app or in a small notebook she carries in her purse. I could use “Build Your Own WRAP” which is what I use for my WRAP that guides my life every day.

All that is involved is making up a short version of WRAP to use just through this more stressful or difficult time. I would want to include the first four sections of WRAP every time in mine. Some of the parts could be very short or omitted depending on the circumstance. You can decide if you would want to include a special Crisis Plan, make additions to some portions of the Crisis Plan to cover this time–or perhaps make an insert for the Crisis Plan to use short term.

Let me share an example of a Mini WRAP for Moving. Then you can use this idea for other situations as they come up in your life. If you would like to share your Mini-WRAP for Special Times on Facebook, it would be really appreciated. We all learn and get the best ideas from each other.

Mini-WRAP for Moving
Daily Maintenance Plantake notes
What I am like when I am well

  •     All the boxes are unpacked and things are neatly put away
  •     My former house is empty and clean
  •     I am comfortable in my new space
  •     I can easily do the things I like to do in my new space
  •     I can easily find things in my new place

Things to do every day while I am moving

  •     Spend at least 1/2 hour sorting and packing things at the old house
  •     Spend at least 1/2 hour each day at the new house organizing things
  •     Spend 15 minutes each day cleaning something in the old house
  •     Spend 1/2 hour exercising
  •     Have at least a smoothie for breakfast
  •     Have a big salad and/or a bowl of soup for lunch
  •     Have a healthy dinner that includes protein and vegetables
  •     Spend at least 1 hour doing something I love to do
  •     At least 10 minutes of meditation time
  •     Coordinate activities with my spouse

Things I might need to do

  •     Talk to the contractors or painters
  •     Make arrangements with service providers
  •     Order materials and supplies
  •     Move some things
  •     Donate things to the second hand store
  •     Do errands to be determined each day
  •     Contact a family member


  •     Something not getting done in time
  •     Things taking longer to get done than I expected
  •     Others not coming through as expected
  •     Disappointments
  •     Unexpected stressful events

Triggers Action Plan

  •     Changing plans
  •     Changing arrangements
  •     Taking a hot, bubbly bath
  •     Taking a “mental health day” and not doing anything about moving
  •     Coordinating with my spouse
  •     Asking for help
  •     Going out to eat
  •     Peer counseling

Early Warning Signs

  •     Overtired
  •     “Headachey”
  •     Aches and pains
  •     Having a hard time relaxing
  •     Irritable
  •     Insomnia
  •     Unmotivated

Early Warning Signs Action Plan

  •     Take a weekend or several days away from moving
  •     Take two baths each day
  •     Spend at least one hour in the hammock or relaxing
  •     Read for at least an hour
  •     Do at least one thing you love to do for several hours
  •     Connect with a friend
  •     Tell my spouse how I am feeling
  •     Arrange to see counselor or doctor if necessary

Signs that Things are Breaking Down

  •     Physically sick
  •     Pain at a level of 5 or over
  •     Have signs of depression (see my regular WRAP)
  •     Unable to take action or make decisions
  •     Unable to sleep for more than 3 hours
  •     Feeling anxious and agitated

Signs that Things are Breaking Down Action Plan

  •     No work on moving for 4 days at least
  •     If physically sick, make an appointment with my doctor
  •     Have a special appointment with my counselor
  •     Have a body work session
  •     Arrange a lunch or special time with friends at least every other day
  •     Talk to my daughter every day
  •     Spend most of each day doing things I enjoy

For my Crisis Plan I might insert the following
(I could use a MY WRAP Crisis Plan for this):
Under Signs:

  •         Unable to take any action
  •         Heart palpitations
  •         Fever
  •         Severe pain


  •         Soothing supplements from naturopath

Under things that would help:

  •         Comfort food or taking me to a favorite restaurant
  •         Avoiding sugar
  •         Taking care of my responsibilities for me
  •         Helping me get one small things done
  •         Bringing me a good book
  •         Keeping things quiet