By Sarah Lynn, MA

I adore spring! It signals a time of renewal and growth, and it fills the world with beauty and color. Seeds that germinated all winter burst out of their dark, protective layer of winter’s hard dirt and begin to bloom. This year, when I saw the first daffodils pop up after a long and snowy winter, I realized that for us to grow, we often must push out of the safe darkness into the unknown.
Watching the spring blossoms made me question which aspects of myself I still keep under a protective layer. In finding new ways to grow and take care of myself, I can expand my Wellness Toolbox.
After pondering this, I gave myself the freedom to change my WRAP and Wellness Tools without self-judgment. In doing so, I realized my Daily Maintenance Plan needed some spring cleaning and adjustments, as did my Wellness Tools. The reality is that some of my tools are not working the way I hoped they would, and some are great wellness ideas, but I simply am not ready for them.
Rather than feel guilty and bad about myself for not following all the steps in my Daily Maintenance Plan, I cut out those that are not working for me at this moment in my life and added some new Wellness Tools. I will keep growing, but I have to acknowledge and meet myself where I am right now.
Has spring motivated you to make changes to your WRAP? Here are some resources you may want to add to your wellness library as you consider adjusting and updating your plan through the seasons of life:
·       Building your Wellness Toolbox, with Mary Ellen Copeland – Audio CD
·       Living WRAP DVD
·       WRAP for Life
How do you know when it’s time to “spring clean” your WRAP? Let us know by commenting on Facebook or sending an email to We’ll share some of your stories in future articles.

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