The WRAP Program saved my life! This is not a dramatic statement. It really did. I did not go to the hospital for severe psychosis for 6 years now. I used to go every 8 months. Since I was 43 years old (in 2001) to 2008, I was in the hospital. I took the WRAP course 3 times, then I took the training course to facilitate WRAP (5 day course) in 2010. It took me 2 years to have a chance of facilitating WRAP. I then co-facilitated it with Danielle, a social worker, at the Montfort Hospital. The course was given in French, which is my strongest language. I have been co-facilitating for 3 years. The co-facilitating really helped me stay on track. The material we covered from the toolbox to daily maintenance to triggers helped me with my recovery. I went through the material at least 6 times during my 3 years. The more I look and study the material, the better I feel. When I have a certain trigger that brings me down, I do a page of triggers. I include the symptoms and an action plan to do. When I had a fight with my sister-in-law Theresa, I used my page of triggers. I wrote a letter to Theresa saying I thought she was rude to me at the X-mas lunch we had. In hindsight, I wish I had written the letter but not sent it. She got so insulted, she phoned me and insulted me numerous times on the phone. She said I was selfish when it comes to my mother-in-law. I told her she was a control freak. We both were wrong. What WRAP taught me was to ask for forgiveness for the bad things we do. I did. I wrote her another letter asking her to forgive me and I sent a dvd and a magazine also. She appreciated the gesture and we’ve been very friendly ever since. What I specifically told her was that life was too short to be fighting.

WRAP also gave me some friends and acquaintances. Danielle, my first co-facilitator called me and said she wanted to see me because she missed me. We go to lunch once every two months. She is such a positive person living WRAP daily. She went through many hardships using WRAP with success. WRAP is my tool of choice to deal with life’s problems. I never had a plan or a method before that, so it is very useful and I am grateful to Mary Ellen for developing this method. Thanks!!!