1963. My first diagnosis came when I was ten years old. Divorcing parents pitted me against one another which led me into feeble attempts of pulling out my hair, running safety pins under my skin and suicide. I was something called “manic depressive”. My father told me I’d outgrow it.

Fast forward to 2003. After continuing bouts of life long depression & wild mood swings a friend at work told me to get help. I did. My 2nd diagnosis was Bipolar II with depression. Long story short, I became a Peer Support Specialist and began my WRAP plan. I returned to work with the peace of mind I needed to go on with my life because I knew how to identify my triggers.

Fast forward 12/2014. I now work at an Indiana State psychiatric hospital teaching patients cooking skills. I also work with our Peer Support WRAP team once a month helping patients work on their own WRAP plans.