Happy 2023!

Many of us look to the new year with new hope, which is one of the key concepts of WRAP.

Maybe your hopes include planning a career change or retirement, taking more time for your physical or emotional health, working on relationships, trying something new, or making a change to your living arrangements. Whatever your personal goal, the new year is a perfect time to think about your WRAP.

If you have a WRAP, it’s a great time to update it. If you don’t have a WRAP, maybe it’s time to create one.

One great aspect of WRAP is that it’s not one of those resolutions we may or may not keep; it’s a way of life if we choose to make it so. WRAP offers the chance to design your life however you wish. It’s a tool that can change your life for the better, help you achieve your goals, and foster a healthier, happier life.

We can’t always control what life brings our way, but we can plan for how we’ll respond, even in the most difficult times. In this way, WRAP gives us permission to take back control of our lives and author the next pages of our stories.

Whether you’re new to WRAP or have been a WRAPer for years, living your WRAP gives you a blueprint for the life you desire.

As an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator, I have the privilege of watching WRAP seminar participants discover their strengths and use their WRAP to hold themselves in unconditional high regard and give the gift of personal wellness to themselves.

But during the season of giving, we are often completely focused on our loved ones. The new year offers a chance to turn the focus to our own hopes and dreams. As we begin 2023, I’m challenging myself to focus on what I need to change about my life. One of my favorite parts of WRAP is exploring how I can apply the recovery topics within my life.

For example, what do I need to change about my living space? We spend so much time in our homes; why not make our living space our happy place?

I was recently asked if I had space in my home that was comfortable and welcoming that I could go to for time alone. I realized that I did have space, but that I hadn’t taken the time to personalize it and make it my own. This is something I can do to improve my wellness and something that will be a wellness tool when I want to spend time alone.

Another tool I’ll be adding to my toolbox is starting each day by reading a positive quote.

Although these additions may start as resolutions, they will become part of my WRAP and my way of life! What can you add to your WRAP for the new year?