Although I was introduced to WRAP in 2000 and wrote my first plan, it wasn’t until I became a WRAP facilitator and really starting using and knowing the importance of having a plan.  In 2006 I was hospitalized for what was initially thought to be a stroke because my vision and ability to communicate was limited.  The WRAP crisis plan I carried in my purse told my children who to call to take care of my pets, put wood in the fire and who to call when I couldn’t speak.  The doctor eventually noted that stress had caused my symptoms and I went home that day.  Knowing that I have that plan with me in case I need it gives me peace of mind.

In 2010 I married a man who also has depression and we both came from unhealthy marriages.  We set about creating a WRAP for our marriage and it has been so helpful in identifying triggers and action plans for when either of us are struggling. When I was terminated from my job in 2013 I could feel the depression and darkness dripping down my heart and I had to use my WRAP to keep me from drowning in the fear and unknown.  Using my tools allowed me to come back stronger and healthier to start my own consumer run nonprofit Wellness in the Woods in MN.