WRAP audio downloadsLet Mary Ellen Copeland guide you through your WRAP journey to Wellness using these new WRAP tools – audio downloads, DVDs, and the WRAP App. We have the media tools to fit your needs. These audio tools were designed especially for people who learn best through listening, those who have vision difficulties, or individuals who prefer audio presentations.
These are all new and available today:

Mary Ellen takes you through all these tools personally and guides you through the process of building tools that work for you. Use these tools for yourself or with a group. Use these programs to start a WRAP or to update your WRAP. Mary Ellen guides you through it all with lots of examples that she has used personally. She helps you find the motivation to get started or keep going and helps you find the path to wellness.

Build your WRAP Step by Step
with Mary Ellen Copeland

Build Your WRAP Step by Step with Mary Ellen CopelandDo you need help starting to build your WRAP? If so, this program is perfect for you! Mary Ellen Copeland, author of Wellness Recovery Action Plan, WRAP Plus and WRAP for Life, will help you along the journey of creating your WRAP.
This is a program that will take the listeners step by step through the process of building their WRAP. Mary Ellen goes over all the steps, one by one with plenty of examples. She will help anyone get over the hesitation of building their WRAP and get onto the road to wellness for life.
This audio program is designed for use by teens or adults and is especially useful for people who learn best through listening, those who have vision difficulties or individuals who prefer an audio presentation.
Included in the download are all the WRAP forms you will need to build your WRAP notebook. The plan can also be created with the WRAP APP, the WRAP Workbook, or in the Build Your Own Wrap Course, which are all available in our bookstore at WRAPandRecoveryBooks.com.

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Audio Download & Forms  ̶  $14.95
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CD Available Soon  ̶  ONLY $19.95

Building your Wellness Toolbox
with Mary Ellen Copeland

Building Your WRAP Wellness ToolboxIn this audio program Mary Ellen Copeland will help you build your Wellness Toolbox ̶ the cornerstone of building your WRAP. The Wellness Toolbox contains a personal listing of all the tools you have at your disposal to help you feel better and stay well for life. Your Toolbox is used to develop action plans for all the parts of your WRAP – from your Daily Maintenance Plan through your Post Crisis Plan.
Building Your WRAP Wellness ToolboxThis audio program guides you through the process of uncovering your personal Wellness Tools and includes many ideas that you can add to your Toolbox if you think they would work for you.
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Audio Download  ̶  $9.99
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Audio CD  ̶  $19.95

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WRAP DVDLearning self-help skills for dealing with physical and emotional difficulties can be simple, but it’s a much greater challenge using self-help methods during the most difficult times, when they can help the most. With the author, Mary Ellen Copeland, this DVD presents a system developed and used successfully by people with a variety of physical and emotional difficulties to more easily monitor how they feel and to help themselves feel better, recover, stay well and improve the quality of their lives.
In this DVD, Mary Ellen Copeland will help you:

  • Develop your own list of activities for your everyday well beingWellness Recovery Action Plan
  • Track triggering events and early warning signs-prepare your personal responses for when you are not feeling well or are having a hard time
  • Create a plan for your supporters to care for you if necessary

This video is a great companion tool for the book: WRAP Wellness and Recovery Action Plan

WRAP Overview Video DVD – $19.95
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Guided Relaxation with Mary Ellen Copeland

Guided Relaxation with Mary Ellen CopelandThis audio program, led by Mary Ellen Copeland, will help you relax anytime you’re feeling nervous, tense, irritable, or when you just need a “break” in your day. Mary Ellen personally guides you through a full-body relaxation exercise accompanied by soothing music. ​Her guided imagery technique uses your imagination to direct your focus in a way that is both relaxing and healing.
Use ​this relaxation and stress reduction ​program as a way to feel better ̶ It is​ a great addition to your Wellness Toolbox.
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Audio Download ̶ $1.99
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The WRAP App

The WRAP App is for anyone, any time, and for any of life’s challenges. It guides you in creating and then using your WRAP day to day. Use the WRAP App and take control, with your personalized action plans that help you feel better, get well, and stay well for life.
With the WRAP App you can:

  • Develop a Wellness Toolbox
  • Create Daily Maintenance Plan
  • List Triggers and create an Action Plan
  • List Early Warning Signs and create an Action Plan
  • List When Things Are Breaking Down and create an Action Plan
  • Create a Crisis Plan
  • Create Post Crisis Plan

The WRAP app allows you the convenience of accessing and updating your WRAP anytime and anywhere. It’s convenient and easy to use, leaving you secure in knowing it is right at your fingertips.
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Apple/Android App ̶ $4.99
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Through using WRAP, self-management of physical and emotional difficulties becomes possible and practical. WRAP is for Life!