Did you know WRAP can help you lose, gain, or  maintain weight? You can use your WRAP to manage any aspect of your health, including weight management.

These minis are actual WRAP Plans created for specific situations. They are compiled from WRAP workshops and individual sources.

This is just a sample… make this Plan your own!

Wellness Tools
Pedometer, goal sheet, positive affirmations, accountability, personal trainer, nutritionist, join a gym, get a partner,reading books/magazine articles on healthy nutrition, reading nutritional labels, motivational photographs, exercise, DVDs, Wii games., make lunch the night before, chew gum, avoid sugary and “junk” foods.
Daily Maintenance – What I am like at my best
Healthy weight, healthy body mass index, confident, happy socializing, doctor’s physical good, I dress nicely, energetic, better sleep, better mood, content with how I look, my clothes fit, I like going out.
Daily Maintenance – Things I Need to do Every Day
Follow my meal plan, exercise for at least 30 minutes, contact someone in my support group, eat lots of vegetables, have 2 servings of protein, drink plenty of water, eat breakfast, pat myself on the back for sticking to my goal.Daily Maintenance – Things I May Need to do Every DayGo to a self-help/support group for people who are also trying to lose weight. reward myself in some way with a special event, go shopping, check in with my doctor, spend more time doing fun things, weigh myself.
Watching TV
Seeing someone eating ice cream
Unexpected outings or vacation
Action Plan
Keep my hands busy, knit.
Leave the situation
Allow some flexibility, make healthy traveling snacks
Any dessert
Going out to eat
Difficult emotions
Holiday/ Family Gatherings
Quiet “Me” time (breathing, relaxation)Seek HelpDistraction techniques
Choose a restaurant with healthy choices
Write in my journal, talk to somebody, take a walk or exercise
Make a low calorie dessert, exercise more, plan ahead, one serving of dessert
BoredLook in my Wellness Toolbox for an activity I enjoy.
Early Warning SignsNot following my meal planAction Plan Evaluate the meal plan and make necessary adjustments
Calories increaseFocusing on negative, minimizing progressThinking about eating all the timeReview food journalChallenge thoughts to focus on progressSpend several hours doing something I enjoy
BingingNot following exercise planAsk for helpEvaluate exercise plan, set specific time aside to exercise, adjusting the exercise plan
Stop exercisingAllowing others to sabotage usGo to my Wellness Toolbox and choose an activityRemember who is responsible
When Things are Breaking Down
Thinking, “Who cares?”
Action Plan
Positive self-talk, remind self of motivation
Clothes don’t fitBaking cookies and eating them all myselfBuy what’s needed to get back into routineHave a healthy potluck with friends
Avoiding everythingCloset eatingForce myself to interactGo back to my plan without being hard on myself
Negative self-talkLying to myselfPositive affirmationsHolding myself responsible for decisions I make
Mini Crisis Plan    
What I’m like when I’m well
Healthy weight – body mass index, physically healthy, energetic, eating my planned meals, exercise daily, reading positive articles
Signs that my supporters need to take over responsibilities for my care or on my behalf
Overeating, stopping healthy routine, doctor tests not “well” (cholesterol, etc.)
Supporter’s tasks
Food shopping, food preparation, exercise together.
Mini Post Crisis Plan
How I will know when I am out of the crisis
Feel better, clothes fit, back in gym, I will be back on my plan or a modified plan,
What I would like my supporters to do to help me
Positive feedback, share awareness, cheer leader, check in.
Things I need to do
Stay focused, allow for mistakes and refocus, use Wellness Tools – put myself first, go to gym, portion food.
Things that can wait
Buying new clothes, household chores, laundry