By Trenda Hedges, Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator

I believe wholeheartedly in HOPE and NO LIMITS to recovery!

I didn’t always believe this. It seemed I was born into limits. I was limited by poverty, by substance use, and by the stigma that came from living in a very small town in Illinois where everyone knew the things I wanted to keep secret.

Growing up, and even into adulthood, I saw and experienced a multitude of things that I later learned were traumatic events. The way I experienced those events had profound effects on me that contributed to feelings of discomfort, diagnoses, a plethora of medications, suicide attempts, hospitalizations, and drug use. I felt limited by the loss of loved ones, family incarceration, and unemployment. Doctors told me that I would never work again. I felt hopeless.

Despite the things that attempted to limit my recovery and steal my hope, I did go back to work! I saw a job announcement for people with lived experience in the areas of mental health and substance use challenges. And I thought, “Wow! People get paid for that? Sign me up!” It was through this job that I was introduced to WRAP.

Even though I had been in recovery for a couple of years, I was still searching for something that would help me take charge of my life—a life that seemed so tragically out of control. I needed the hope that WRAP provided.

I started applying WRAP and making it a way of life, adapting it to different situations and supporting others with their WRAPs. Suddenly, I had hope and there were no limits to my wellness and recovery.

I became a WRAP Facilitator in 2017. Since then, I’ve facilitated WRAP orientations and seminars for multiple companies, organizations, and justice and behavioral health systems, along with presenting WRAP at conferences and colleges. I serve on the WRAP Refresher workgroup and steering committee in Illinois. And recently, I was trained as an Advanced Level WRAP Facilitator.

WRAP took the limits off and turned my recovery into something I never could have imagined. WRAP changed me! I went from being hopeless to being a HOPE DEALER!

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