This is just a sample… make this Plan your own!

Wellness Tools:

Pedometer, goal sheet, positive affirmations, accountability, personal trainer, nutritionist, join a gym, get a partner, reading books/magazine articles on healthy nutrition, reading nutritional labels, motivational photographs, exercise, DVDs, Wii games., make lunch the night before, chew gum, avoid sugary and “junk” foods.

Daily Maintenance – What I am like at my best

Healthy weight, healthy body mass index, confident, happy socializing, doctor’s physical good, I dress nicely, energetic, better sleep, better mood, content with how I look, my clothes fit, I like going out.

Daily Maintenance – Things I Need to do Every Day

Follow my meal plan, exercise for at least 30 minutes, contact someone in my support group, eat lots of vegetables, have 2 servings of protein, drink plenty of water, eat breakfast, pat myself on the back for sticking to my goal.

Daily Maintenance – Things I May Need to do Every Day

Go to a self-help/support group for people who are also trying to lose weight, reward myself in some way with a special event, go shopping, check in with my doctor, spend more time doing fun things, weigh myself.


Watching TV – Unexpected outings or vacation –   Stress – Trauma – Any Dessert – Going out to eat – Holiday/ Family Gatherings – Boredom – Seeing someone eating ice cream or cake – Difficult emotions.

Triggers Action Plan

Keep my hands busy, knit. – Allow some flexibility, make healthy traveling snacks – Quiet “Me” time (breathing, relaxation) – Seek Help – Distraction techniques – Trauma – Choose a restaurant with healthy choices – Make a low-calorie dessert – Exercise more – Plan ahead- Just one serving of dessert – Look in my Wellness Toolbox for an activity I enjoy – Leave the situation – Write in my journal, talk to somebody, take a walk or exercise.

Early Warning Signs                              

Not following my meal plan – Calories increase – Thinking about eating all the time – Binging – Not following exercise plan – Allowing others to sabotage me – Focusing on the negative, minimizing my progress.

Early Warning Signs Action Plan

Evaluate the meal plan and make necessary adjustments – Review food journal – Spend several hours doing something I enjoy -Ask for help – Evaluate exercise plan, set specific time aside to exercise, adjusting the exercise plan -Remember I am responsible – Challenge thoughts to focus on progress.

When Things are Breaking Down                

Thinking, “Who cares?” – Clothes don’t fit – Baking cookies and eating them all myself –   Closet eating – Lying to myself

When Things are Breaking Down Action Plan

Positive self-talk, remind myself of motivation – Buy what’s needed to get back into routine – Have a healthy potluck with friends – Go back to my plan without being hard on myself – Hold myself responsible for decisions I make

Mini Crisis Plan

What I’m like when I’m well:

Healthy weight – body mass index, physically healthy, energetic, eating my planned meals, exercise daily, reading positive articles

Signs that my supporters need to take over responsibilities for my care:

Overeating, stopping healthy routine, doctor tests not “well” (cholesterol, etc.)

Supporter’s tasks:

Food shopping, food preparation, exercise together.

Mini Post Crisis Plan

How I will know when I am out of the crisis?

I feel better, clothes fit, back in gym, I will be back on my plan or a modified plan.

What I would like my supporters to do to help me?

Positive feedback, share awareness, cheer leader, check in.

Things I need to do:

Stay focused, allow for mistakes and refocus, use Wellness Tools – put myself first, go to gym, portion food.

Things that can wait:

Buying new clothes, household chores, laundry